Recognition of Corporal Ed Montero

The Knights of Columbus (Todos Santos Assembly 2286) honors Police and Firefighter personnel each year with an award ceremony for outstanding service to the community.

This year, Concord PD Corporal Eduardo Montero received that honor along with officers from Clayton PD, Contra Costa Sheriff's Office, California Highway Patrol and ConFire.

Corporal Montero began his career with the Concord Police Department in 2005 as a police officer. Since that time, Cpl. Montero has served in various units to include the Special Enforcement Team, Special Investigation Bureau, the Violence Suppression Unit, the SWAT Team, Field Training Officer, the Corporal program and has served as a provisional sergeant on two occasions. In 2020, Cpl. Montero reached the status of Master Police Officer.

Cpl. Montero has an enduring work ethic that he has demonstrated since day one. As a Field Training Officer, he has helped shape the future of our department by guiding, mentoring and coaching new officers.

We are very proud of Cpl. Montero's achievements and celebrate with him on this special occasion. Congratulations!

Blue Knight Concord PD Corporal Eduardo Montero

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